I use all the different "top" templates for clients like X & U-Theme, but The7 is form a different planet... No doubt, this is for me "by far" the best WP theme I have see and purchased. So many customization, options, detailed manual, easy to use configuration etc... Beautiful coded an slick design, I'm gone stop because I don't want you to think I'm on the payroll form the author! Purchase this template, its the best investment ever!
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I have tried many WordPress themes and this is simply the best out there, period.
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My biggest mistake was spending a week or so contemplating whether to purchase this theme or not and asking questions. I bought it yesterday, installed it, and everything (including the demo content) worked out of the box! It is very powerful and the options can be a little daunting at first but take a little time to read their instructions and you’ll have your site up and running in no time. From the design aspect within their demo I have improved my creativity by learning how things worked to showcase their cool pages. I have also found within Pingdom they have one of the highest performance grades including page speed. I will definetly be using this for other sites! Congratulations.
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Amazing theme.... Best $55 I ever spent. I use to design everything from scratch in DW and it took me months to get something that looked fair. Wordpress and The 7 have truly changed my business and the way I'll be working with sites. A dream come true. WP and the 7 have saved me hundreds of hours of time for a better result. It's amazing that a deign like this is available for $55. 5 stars is an understatement. Thank you Dream Team.
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I actually rate this product not only for design quality but all the features above. I have purchased and tried most of the highest ranked themes here but never seen one so versatile, non-problematic, user friendly and well performing. I have purchased a theme from you guys for the first time but in the future, you will be the first team that I will check for new designs. The visual composer works miracles for a non seasoned customer. BRAVO
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Having wasted hundreds of $$$ on Theme Forest themes, my client asked me to use this on his project. To my joy, this theme has more than delivered and it seamlessly work in harmony with Visual Composer 4 to the extent that I've found it pretty addictive with the number of options and control you have at your fingertips.
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I purchased this theme months ago and although I am in the development phase, I can attest that this theme is the most plugin receptive of the majority of themes available. I have about 60 active plugins and I rarely have javascript issues. This theme has it all but you can make it even better with other plugins for web design. Per the above comment, there will be a few conflicts but this theme shoots straight as an arrow. Mark, Miami, FL
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Just the best theme I've worked up to this day. Excelent amount of features availabe. The Visual Composer combined with the template feature makes you work just FAST like light speed. The design and the other components you have to consider when buying a theme are just insanely good. If you are wondering about buy this theme, just do it. Buy it TODAY! =) Great job Dream-Theme. Cheers Richard Silva
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This is fantastic, flexible theme. It's a pleasure to work with. The authors frequently update the theme, adding features, streamlining and fixing. When issues arise, they are responsive and get iterative patches out quickly.
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I have played around with this theme with every option I could think of... the quality of the design and the well put-together administration features have helped me design a very attractive website (just the way I wanted!). Every single time, just when I thought I reached an obstacle... the support behind this theme is invaluable (effective and caring). I got what I wanted :) - My personal opinion: Get this theme, you won't regret it!.
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Wonderful theme with so much possibilities and features. I purchased it 5 times and fore sure I will purchase it furthermore for other projects. Really good work and very friendly and good support.
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So far it's the most flexible theme with "looking forward" design. All the questions I had were answered (by myself) by searching through the comments. Good job!
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Very well designed theme with a lot of customizable options. Holds up well and doesn't interfere with most plugins I have used.
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Very flexible and customizable which give you so many variation many theme can only dream of. which makes this a great all in one theme. plus the plugin they added are very relevant and compliment the great design. Well done guys…
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I'm not one to give a rave view but I feel compelled to do so because of the absolutely stellar experience I've had with The7 and the dream team. In the past 4 months I've spent over $600 buying various premium themes or theme subscriptions from reputable companies. They've all been, for the most part, "okay" or "good" -- but there was always something that wasn't quite right about each of them - something they didn't support or couldn't achieve without a lot of custom coding. Then I found The7. The 7 is hands down the best theme I have ever used. Every aspect of its design is fully customizable -- you won't believe how many menus of detailed options are available in the Dashboard! On the few occasions where I couldn't quite get it to do exactly what I wanted, I submitted a trouble ticket. Every time - within hours - I'd get a detailed response that included specific instructions on how to achieve what I wanted. So far I haven't run in to a single situation where I can't do EXACTLY what I want. These guys have created a very flexible, highly customizable theme and provide amazing support for it. What more could you ask for?
via ThemeForest
Easier to work with than Avada in my opinion.
via ThemeForest
This is an excellent theme with tons of features. I did my new corporate website on it and it got rave reviews from our offices around the world. Please keep up the great work making superb themes that can be used for businesses. Janette Dywasuk
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This is a great theme. You can build any web site you want very different from each other and with great design standards. Even when clients asks for ugly designs, through this theme you can at least hold some sense and proportion.
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Honestly there's not so much wordpress template on themeforest which is simply awesome... And this one is the one of my dream. You simply not need much than only The7. Builtin with some of the best plugins available on CodeCanyon (you save extra bucks there !) With this theme, all projects can take life! Just ask support for this because there's a lot of includiong things in this theme and you should have some conflicts. But for me that's the BEST i have seen for a long time ago. And it's regularly updates.
via ThemeForest
This Theme frickin' ROCK$! Very straightforward to customize, awesome variety of design options, looks amazing even on mobile... thnks for being Amazing Dream-Theme!! Looking forward to the next theme already plz! ha
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